Guild.Camera  is for fans of everything related to cameras and camera technology. The economy of camera technology revolves around art, science, and weaponry.

Guild.Camera  is perfect for people who are: 

This 'guild' is only this URL domain. 

There are three 'guilds' to Guild.Camera depending on your profession and passion. No matter your profession or 'guild', all fans should refer to themselves as a part of 'Guild Camera' or 'Camera Guild'. This is one 'guild' with three separate parts:

Color Guild Camera : art, photography, video production.

Chemistry Guild Camera : laboratory settings, molecular imaging, micro- and astro- technology.

Gun Camera : weaponry, intelligence, offensive robotics, defensive security.

People do not use DSLR cameras for security systems. People who work in laboratory environments would not use their camera equipment for outdoor photography. People who build security systems would not use their camera equipment for major motion pictures. This is why there are three seperate parts to this 'guild'.


Jonathan Omar Agamy.

Orange County, California, United States